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 We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

 --Albert Einstein

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j0408878You are a skilled specialist. You know more about your company than the customer does, And you know more about the customer than anyone else in the company. The most valuable thing you bring to work every day is your helpful attitude. You are either part of the problem or part of the solution. Being part of the problem will not satisfy the customer. So, you always want to be part of the solution, if you don’t want to lose business.

Being a skilled specialist means you strive to achieve excellence on the road. Whether or not you wear a uniform, you can shine even when you don’t necessarily feel up to it. The greatest opportunities for growth happen when you face everyday challenges with a smile and determination to do your best. A skilled specialist will:

  • Present a professional image
  • Demonstrate a sense of urgency
  • Be proactive

Represent yourself and your company with professional pride by wearing clean and presentable clothing, fit for the job you do. If you wear a uniform, ensure it is in top condition—without stains, tears, etc. Tuck your shirt in and wear hats as designed. You are a representative of the company when you are on the job, whether or not you are in uniform.

  1. Demonstrate a sense of urgency as you perform various tasks throughout the work day. Work with a sense of purpose. Have friendly conversations but avoid spending too much time chatting with staff. Your primary focus is to complete the work assigned to you each day, in an efficient and effective manner.
  2. Think ahead and be proactive when you encounter issues that affect your customers. Be solution focused and reach out to your team members if you need help to resolve a problem. Your customers will be impressed when you go the extra mile to share how much you care about the work you do.

You have the skill and you are already specialized. Put it together and demonstrate your skill throughout the day for every customer.

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