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 We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

 --Albert Einstein

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OrderWho needs it?  Everyone!  Everywhere!

 Actually, I really don't have to justify the need for order; you have your own rationalization. What I am saying is you already have a “need for order”. Whether you realize it or not, you do require some order in your life. Even if you are the “non-conformist maximus”, you have a certain need for order. Of course, the anal retentive have a higher need for order.

 An amusing digression: I had a t-shirt which read, “Does anal retentive have a hyphen?” I have the answer! It is spelt both ways! With the hyphen, it’s an adjective. Without the hyphen, it’s a noun.


  Okay, back to business.

You have a need for order in some areas of your life. As stated above, some more than others. Individuals, companies and society, all have a need for order. Order in your life may look like a daily routine you follow to get out of the house for work on time. Maybe you have a specific routine for going to bed, brushing your teeth, cleaning the house or washing the car. Your routine is specific, repeatable, almost always accomplished in the same sequence and the time required is usually predictable. You do your little tasks in the same order every day because you know that your routine will ensure everything gets done (you won’t need that checklist everyday) and you will be on time.

In the morning, I have my “get ready for work” routine. If that routine is interrupted by a phone call, the children, the spouse, the pets, my whole schedule is thrown off. My schedule could be behind longer than the duration of the interruption. In that situation, questions start racing through my foggy morning, pre-caffeined brain. Questions like, “Where did I leave off?” “What have I completed?” “What is left to be done?” “What time is it?” “Will I be on time for work?” Without the interruption, you are in “the groove”. You don’t have to think. You pre-planned it. Now you are just executing your plan, time and time again, daily, and habitually.

Even after a very short interruption, I have left the house without shaving. Whoops. Go back. That really messes up your day. For me, it only takes 20 minutes to get up and out in the morning. That’s just me. If there is an entourage, it could take an hour or more.

Maybe getting ready in the morning is not your routine, but you have some habitual tasks which help you through your day or your life.

The same is true for business. Small routines or habits need to be established to help the business run more smoothly. Even in the creative process, there are specific, repeatable and sequential tasks to ease the completion of the project. These tasks are pre-planned and the execution is managed. (The tasks are managed; the people doing the tasks are led.) These business routines could be government regulated, standard operation procedures (SOP’s), legal or ethical parameters, or just common sense good manners and standards of conduct for your staff. Whatever the circumstance, the “need for order” extends to the workplace and is beneficial for efficiency, effectiveness, productivity and profitability.

What is your level of intensity and need for order? Does it help you accomplish more at home, work or play?

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