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 We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

 --Albert Einstein

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Do you have clean water and sanitation? PDF  | Print |  E-mail

Clean WaterIt occurs to me, in the grand spectrum of enterprise from the solo-preneur to the multi-national Fortune 50 companies, that some of the smaller entrepreneurs are like underdeveloped countries.  I’m not trying to be unkind or judgmental.  It’s just that our small businesses do not have or use the tools and expertise like the “big boys.”  Why not?  Why don’t you have clean water and sanitation?  No society can flourish without these essentials.


I realize this is an oversimplification.  Yet maybe it’s just the E-Myth:  You’re an expert with a narrow area of focus in what you do.  You do not have the wider range of experience in all areas of business.  I know I don’t.  And, I don’t think that is expected of us.  Right now you are CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, CMO.  But, can you do them all well?  I don’t think so.  I have “Jack of all trades, master of none” ringing in my ears.  You have defined your business by defining a niche.  You don’t have the time or the talent to do everything, nor should you.  If you look at your competencies for business as a sphere or automobile tire, you will probably find that you are NOT well-rounded.  Most of us have a flat side.  In my case, I have a few flat sides.

So,. . . What do you need?  Where or what are your flat sides?  Where could you be better “rounded” in business?  What do you need to succeed?  More revenue would be nice.  But if you had all the revenue you wanted, could or would you run the business alone?  No.  You would most likely hire help or buy expertise.  So, again . . . What do you need?  If you know, that’s great.  If you don’t know, that’s great, too.  What a great opportunity to pursue an answer.  “What do you need (besides revenue) to succeed?” 

Until you quadruple your revenue and hire those extraordinary VP’s, what do you need regarding business education?  Consultants host events all the time, providing information that they want to provide.  But no one has asked you what you want.  I am.  What information do you need?  What do you really need in an event?  Do you need a primer on MS–Word or MS-Excel or QuickBooks?  Do you need a business plan?  A marketing plan?  A hiring plan?  An operating plan?  Do you want to learn how to develop these plans?  I’m sure with all the consultants in Seattle, I could muster up a cadre of experienced trusted advisors and host an event, based on what you want and need.

In my wildest dreams (and frankly, is there any other way to dream?)  I would create a spectacular “Carnival of Consultants”.  I could see the first event defining “your” issues.  Defining what you need the most.  I see a room encircled with kiosks, tables or “kissing booths” staffed by consultants from various business disciplines: Marketing, Sales, Finance, Operations, International, Branding, Web Presence, Legal, HR, etc.  You name it.  I’ll find them.  Or maybe, from this article, they will find me.  (Wouldn’t that be wild?)  Step up to a booth, wait your turn, and then fire away.  Ask your question.  Each consultant will help you to find and define the issues holding you back from greater success.  You might even get some free advice.  But PLEASE, don’t kiss the help.  I don’t want any harassment entanglements.  Your questions will help define a curriculum of events for what entrepreneurs need and want to help their business succeed.

I think this is a very cool idea.  After all, it IS my dream.  I’m out to save the world or at least provide clean water and sanitation.  Then we can move on to safeguarding the children, educating the illiterate, horticultural education, wells and irrigation for the farmers, vaccinating the population to eradicate disease and micro-loans for the artisans.


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