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 We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

 --Albert Einstein

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Swim with the sharks! PDF  | Print |  E-mail

SharkI met a guy, who swims with sharks.  Not dolphins! SHARKS! 

A friend and I were chatting over coffee and the conversation drifted over to sharks.  She has an affinity and curiosity about sharks.  I was on the other side of that point of view.  This guy butts in and says he's been bitten by a shark.  My friend claimed that once bitten, you will get bitten again.  Hey.  I would never go back in the water again.  EVER!  She presumed it was human pheromones.  Apparently, sharks have a great sense of smell.  They can hone in on your stank, you can’t smell.  

He pipes up again to say he's been bitten more than once.  "What?  Are your bragging?"  He’s a diver and would chum the reef to bring the sharks in closer.  I thought this guy was mad.  He and his pals would mount the sharks and ride them like cowboys until they, the sharks, were exhausted.  What fun!  I said, “Yea? But?”  His experience, which outweighs mine, was that the shark is only aggressive when they are hungry and provoked.   I guess I would be aggressive under the same circumstances. 

Hollywood has demonized sharks.  (Thank you, Steven Spielberg and the Nature Channel.)  Sharks can be bad, of course they can.  Cute kittens and puppies can be bad, too, in their own way.  I’m not saying sharks are cute.  But maybe we can give them a break.  I changed my point of view about sharks. 

When was the last time you changed your point of view?  Are you open to new ideas?  New evidence?

I plan to swim with sharks right after I jump out of a perfectly good airplane.  If you want to swim with sharks, my diver pal says, “Go to Fiji.”  Have a nice trip.  Write be about your experience.  I’ll be in the baby pool.

 Get over your FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real).


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