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 We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

 --Albert Einstein

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Social Media - What's the Point?

I think it is fair to say, at this point of its short history, that social media is misunderstood. Opinions survive on either side of the spectrum. The crevasse exists between the early and the late adopters; just like it does with any breakthrough in technology. A computer story is illustrated within that is parallel to changes brought by the introduction of the airplane, automobile, and even telephone before that.

The difference of opinion is based on many fears: the longevity and persistence in the market, the usefulness and, not least of all, is the return on investment (ROI) of both time and money.


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PDCA has saved millions of dollars providing process improvement, primarily, to the commercial transportation, trucking and logistics industry. From basic to expanded engineering services, PDCA has formulated and implemented strategic and tactical plans in Fortune 100, Internet startup and entrepreneurial companies, among others. As a result productivity, profit, capacity, quality and the customer experience improves, while costs drop.

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“Pete did an excellent job at mylackey! He's extremely professional and fun to work with. We had a lot of logistics and operational processes to define - Pete stepped up and did an amazing job.”
Cathy Shoaf
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